3015G Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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With the development of the metal sheet bushiness, LEIMING LASER Laser  manufacture many model of  fiber laser cutting machines to meet various customers need that they want to cut thin metal sheet easier and smoother. Today, LM 3015G fiber laser cutting machine will be introduce to you to satisfy your demand.


 LEIMING LASER  is professional for metal sheet laser cutting, and our SF3015G model machine is popular among customers. It has stable and reliable light path system and control system; imported original fiber laser generator with stable performance and over 100,000 hours’ lifespan;

German high performance reducer, gear and rack. As for cutting speed, most important of all, is up to 25m/min, with beautiful,smooth cutting edge. LM3015G fiber laser cutting machine is specially used for cutting 0.5-12mm carbon steel,0.5-8mm stainless steel,galvanized steel, 0.5-5mm aluminum,0.5-4mm brass and other various metal. It belongs to a cost-effective fiber laser cutting machine.
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