1000W Aluminum Fiber Laser Cutting machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut thin metal materials, different laser power can cut different thickness materials. 1000W aluminum fiber laser cutting machine can cut 3mm aluminum plate. The cutting speed is fast and the cutting edge is ver smooth. 
Fiber laser cutting machine has many features. It has automatic search edge function. If aluminum sheet put slanting, machine can auto detect and adjust cutting to reduce waste and no need to replace material. It also has stable working table to ensure long time fast running without changing shape. 

LEIMING LASER focus on researching fiber laser cutting machine technologies for more than 14 years. We have strength and capability to provide more professional, better quality and advanced fiber laser cutting machines. If you are interested in our aluminum fiber laser cutter, free to contact us. LEIMING LASER is your trustworthy fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers.

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