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  • Feb
    [News] Wish you a happy new year--LEIMING LASER

    Friends, we will take 9 days off to celebrate our Spring Festival from Feb. 13th to 21st, 2018. We will be on the service during the holiday,you will get our feedback in 24 hours.

  • Dec
    [News] LEIMING Qingdao exhibition hall started business on 23rd,December

    On 23rd,December 2017,Qingdao exhibition hall of LEIMING LASER started business in Qingdao International Hardware City,CEO Mr.Li Fengxi gave a speech and introduced 3 new models

  • Nov
    [FAQ] LEIMING fiber metal laser cutting machines overview

    Welcome to visit LEIMING website,here we introduce the metal laser cutting machines to you .Choose right one in the shortest time and send inquiry to us. E-mail: ; Web:

  • Aug
    [FAQ] IPG 6000w Metal Laser Cutter

    Leiming laser manufacture fiber metal laser cutter from power 300w to 6000w,now let us study the cutting thickness of the IPG 6000w Other information about the different fiber laser power,just e-mail us to ,or add whatsapp:+8615165021590 .

  • Aug
    [FAQ] Leiming Fiber Laser 6600w Cutting Thickness

    If you want to cut metal sheet more than 20mm thickness,Leiming fiber laser 6600w is your good choice.More information about other fiber laser ,feel free to send e-mail to or call us : +8653188737923,and you can add whatsapp:+8615165021590.

  • Aug
    [FAQ] Cutting Thickness of Fiber Laser Cutter Equipment with IPG4000W

    Are you clear about the cutting thickness of fiber laser cutter equipment with ipg 4000w?Let me tell u,it can cut up to 20mm carbon steel and 10mm stainless steel

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